Looking for the perfect home is a lot like shopping for the perfect spouse. 

Seriously. The stakes are high. You have to figure out what your priorities are today, and you have to make an educated guess about what your priorities will be ten years from now.  Looks are important, but you've also got to consider the whole picture. What about her family-- I mean, the neighborhood? 

Even when it's going well, you're worried that you'll discover a game-changing detail after it's too late.  A lot of things you tolerated while you were just dating -- I mean, renting -- definitely won't fly now that we're talking long term commitment. Plus, I hate to break it to you, but you just might have to make a few tiny compromises. 

(But, don't worry. Selling your home when you're ready to move on is usually a lot cheaper and easier than divorce).  

As your agent, I'll be your confident leader through every step of the home buying process.  I'll begin by getting to know you and your family and prioritizing your needs and wants.  The client-agent relationship is a transactional relationship, in which I'm bound by my fiduciary duties to advocate for your best interests at every turn.  Yet, our person-to-person connection is also crucial.  If I have a comprehensive understanding of who you are what you value, I'll do a better job of finding a home you love. 

If you don't already have a list of neighborhoods in mind, I'll help you determine where to start looking.  We'll figure out your affordability range, and then I'll begin identifying properties to show you based on your criteria.   When we find something you love,  I'll use my industry knowledge to help you craft the best offer you can make.   When your offer is accepted, I'll be negotiating on your behalf for the duration of the escrow period and ensuring that all matters are in place for a timely and successful closing. At each point during this process, I'll be on call for you round the clock to take any question or hesitation you may have.  

In competitive markets like the Bay Area, buyers need a strong, competent agent with ultra-local expertise in order to be successful in multiple-offer scenarios.  That's why I focus my agency on the communities I know and love:  Oakland, Piedmont, Berkeley, Albany,  Moraga, and Lafayette.  If your home search takes you outside of my geographic area of expertise, I'll refer you to an excellent agent who can serve your needs.


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